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It Frisselgrien (Vinca) wants to stimulate poetry by taking up poems made by or proposed by visiters of this site.

By sending in your nomination of a poem please enclose also some private information about the author and if it is not your own poem also mention the source of the poem.More info...

every second week
a poem
just for you!
Starting from 5 October

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A poem is more then the shape what makes a poem to a poem.
Who regularely listens to poems, writes or reads poems themselves, understands how unique every humanbeing is. Watching through the eyes of the poet one discovers that nobody looks at the same way to the world around him or her.
The tree in front of your window evokes by everybody different thoughts.
For one the tree is a strict watchman with waving arms and for the other it's a green house for birds or a tower full of wind music.
Everybody, young or old has his own climate of thought seeing the same images. 
The essence of a poem is that the poet expresses in words what he thinks or feels seeing people, animals, things and even what he feels or thinks by things one cannot see but where he dreams from or from which he wants that they were as he want to be them.
The reader may read in a poem what he wants to read; reading poetry is also a littlebit writing verses.



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